Drive business growth with immersive technology.

High-quality content is essential to ensuring immersion, which is why Pure Realism has developed a more comprehensive solution that enables the creation of better experiences in less time and with fewer resources, resulting in affordable realistic experiences that allow for better adoption of immersive technology across multiple industries and use cases.

VR Company

Immersive environments are on-demand marketing and communication tools that transport projects directly to stakeholders. Immersive environments can remove barriers and project delays by allowing stakeholders to engage with design plans and absorb complex information more effectively, offering better visibility over the facilities, assets, products, and operations.

Project and manufacturing sites are often remote and difficult to coordinate access. The downtime for site tours and the travel of teams, and vendors can be expensive. With our immersive environments, vendors and project teams can walk around a virtual site and zoom in to access points, addressing questions together in real-time.

One of the main advantages of Pure Realism’s immersive environments is the ability to improve design-review and decision timelines. Imagine a powerful visualization and communication tool that can help identify design flaws and potential issues prior to construction. By making data easily accessible and meaningful to multiple teams across the design and planning stages you can improve review processes, shorten delays in decision-making, and deliver projects faster and on budget.

Large industrial and manufacturing projects can have a huge impact on communities Pure Realism’s immersive environments can be used to create real-life tours, so that community stakeholders can experience the project site without any potential safety risks. In the planning stage, a 3D modeled environment can also be used to walk local community members through the footprint of a planned project. This improves communication, reduces delays in project timelines, and can lower the needed budget for CSR initiatives. 

One of the greatest strengths of immersive content and immersive environments is how it enables people from across the globe to experience the feeling of being at a real location together. Immersive experiences and collaborations are a great way to build relationships, and Pure Realism’s immersive environments can be used to create virtual meetings and real-life tours facilitating national and international access to projects and products.

We understand that in this era of globalization, organizations can benefit from a means to create, plan, discuss, learn and train together, in a 3D modality that is as close to the real thing as possible. Pure Realism’s immersive platform allows multiple participants, in multiple locations, on multiple devices to collaborate, communicate and learn together. It removes the barrier of geography, reduces time and travel costs, and speeds up the process of learning and collaboration.

Embracing immersive technology within different levels or the organization, allows the business teams to collaborate with other colleagues around a shared visualization or interact through virtual avatars. Access through Pure Realism’s platform can be achieved locally, and in various parts of the world instantly, leading to enhanced virtual collaboration through real-time simulations. This can allow organizations to more easily evolve and engage with a global team.

Having access to immersive models and being able to update them as the design progresses will allow organizations to develop a better understanding of how everything fits together and the effects of changes. The sense of size and scale when reviewing models in Pure Realism’s immersive environments will allow designers, project staff, and stakeholders to facilitate feedback at the early stages of project development, where it’s early enough to implement changes that could save both time and money.

Competition for talent is steep, and companies must wow candidates to get them to sign on. VR immersive technology and Pure Realism’s collaboration platform can be a powerful tool for global recruitment and elevating the candidate experience. If used correctly, VR can help organizations win talent. Utilizing VR in recruiting there is a deeper level of personalization and engagement that gives candidates a look into real-world activities, virtually experiencing a day-in-the-life of a potential job.

A promising use for immersive technology is for the creation of in-depth and safe training experiences. Using virtual reality, dangerous tasks or environments can be explored in a simulated, yet realistic virtual environment. This allows workers and trainees to experience and navigate potentially hazardous scenarios, providing them the opportunity to apply and develop skills without compromising their actual safety.

Virtual reality provides authentic brand experiences, as people visiting the immersive environment can explore a place or product and positively influence processes within the buyer’s journey. By using virtual reality in marketing strategies, you can have a great influence on the consumer’s search for information, offering access to attraction information through interactivity, and a sense of virtual presence which makes the purchase decision easier.

Immersive content has the potential to broaden the reach of traditional classroom learning by addressing the limitations of “classroom” environments. Immersive environments can engage learners as explorers and shift the focus from content acquisition to active inquiry. Pure Realism’s technologies can engage learning both cognitively and physically through immersive and interactive experiences. VR technologies can be responsive to the participant’s movements in a way that engages and activates the learners’ perception of themselves as a developmental tool for understanding.


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