Mine sites can often be challenging to access for many reasons, but are generally not conveniently accessible for site tours and planning by staff or contractors.

The result is difficulty in providing adequate mine access to stakeholders, along with additional costs to bring everyone to the site. With remote mine sites being even more problematic. With Pure Realism’s immersive environments, vendors and project teams can walk around a virtual mine site and zoom in to access points, addressing questions together in real-time. In addition, the virtual site, and Q&A session, can remain available for vendors, so that they can use it in additional planning with internal teams, come back for additional questions or clarification, and even submit their own proposals in the virtual context. All happening from individual offices, globally.

This results in a complete understanding on both sides for mine site requirements, dramatically reducing site delays, extra costs, and other problems that result from not understanding the site conditions early in the project. Saving time and money.

Virtual Mine Site


Project and manufacturing sites are often remote and difficult to coordinate access. The downtime for site tours and the travel of teams, and vendors can be expensive. With our immersive environments, vendors and project teams can walk around a virtual site and zoom in to access points, addressing questions together in real-time. timelines, and can lower the needed budget for CSR initiatives. 

One of the main advantages of Pure Realism’s immersive environments is the ability to improve design review and decision timelines. Imagine a powerful visualization and communication tool that can help identify design flaws and potential issues prior to construction. By making data easily accessible and meaningful to multiple teams across the design and planning stages you can improve review processes, shorten delays in decision-making, and deliver projects faster and on budget.

Pure Realism’s immersive environments can be used to create real-life tours, so that community stakeholders can experience visiting the mine without safety risks. In the planning stage, a 3D modeled environment can also be used to show local community members the footprint of a planned mine.

Immersive environments are on-demand marketing and communication tools that transport projects directly to stakeholders. Immersive environments can remove barriers and project delays by allowing stakeholders to engage with design plans and absorb complex information more effectively, offering better visibility over the facilities, assets, products, and operations.

VR training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real-life settings and simulates work challenges. It gives people the chance to gain on-the-job training in a risk-free environment where they can learn by doing. Retention of skills learned in VR is high, which means it is more likely to be applied in the workplace and ultimately lead to increased productivity.

Temporal datasets give you the ability to see your site over time, before, during and after a project. Historical data, either as captured with Pure Realism, or archival laser scans, can be added for additional context. This gives all stakeholders the ability to travel through time, and understand the way an environment has changed, seeing what work has been done, and be able to assess the state of completion and quality of a job from the comfort of one’s desk.


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